New Update(27/02/2017)

It is requested to all pro-rata pensioners to submit the representation for option-1 (for increment) as per the recommendation of 7th CPC. The copy of representation may be collected from the following representative of PRPA free of cost.

Delhi Unit: Sunil Sharma–9868578844,



Prem Sharma–9968038844,Satender Singh–9013133141

Mumbai Unit–A.C.Kumar–9869468110

Note:- Representation shall be submitted by all whether member of PRPA or not.

New Update (23/02/2017)

1. The representation of option-1 for 7 CPC will be submitted by all pro-rata pensioners to PM, MF, Secy.-DOPT (Chairman of committee), Secy.- DOT(Member of committee). The copy of representation will be available from the GS-PRPA. All are requested to file this representation whether he/she is member of PRPA or not.

2. To opt for VR by the pro-rata pensioners, they will not be entitled for second spell IDA pension due to not completing 20 years service.

New Update(01/02/2017)

A letter is written by the GS-PRPA to the Prime Minister and Finance Minister regarding extending the recommendation of 7th CPC for option-1 for revision of pension since 1/1/2006 to the absorbed DOT employee in MTNL(who opted pro-rata pension). It is also submitted that the record of increment is available of all pro-rata pensioners and this benefit can not be denied on the ground of non-availability of record.

So far as associate group of members are concerned, there case of increment ( full parity ) since 1/1/2006 according to para-12 of GOI dated 29-8-2008 is filed. They will get the increment in 7th CPC on the basis of 6th CPC after order of court, if Govt. deny.

All the terms of the Dearness Relief on Pension since absorption are satisfied and case of associate group of members has filed.

The discrimination of revision of CGHS rate and ward entitlement with pro-rata pensioners on retirement from MTNL , the case of associate group of members has filed on the ground of violation of article-14 of constitution of India and natural justice.