New Update (19/4/2017)

1. The next date of listing in case of contempt in DP payment is 22nd may,2017. The respondent submitted affidavit for challenging the CAT order in the Delhi High Court.

2. The gratuity limit is to be raised upto 20 lacs for all. The PRPA is starting the proceeding to challenge this discriminatory order.

3. The revolution to fight to amend the pension computation formulae of EPFO from 35:70 to 22:44 . The pension formulae of CCS(Pension) Rule,1972 for qualifying pensionable service for full pension is amended from 33:66 to 20:40 w.e.f. 1/1/2006. There is the difference of only two years between qualifying pensionable service for full pension of 33 years and 35 years. All the directly recruited officials & officers have to unite to achieve this amendment. Even the pro-rata pensioners may join this movement , who are interested for EPFO pension.

New Update (18/04/2017)

GS-PRPA along with Sh.S.N.Dahiya,Vice-President PRPA met to Asst. Commissioner-
PF at EPFO to clarify the following points on the new order.

1. The EPFO pension will be calculated on the five years of the everage salary.

2. The weightage of 59 or 60 years will be given on the 20 years or above service.

3. There is no cut-off date for execution of option to change on actual Basic+IDA or enhanced pension.

4. MTNL is exempted organisation in EPFO,therefore, all the option for this enhancement will be submitted through EPF Trust O/O CMD MTNL,CGO Complex, New Delhi.

5. The contribution of EPF-95 may be deposited upto the service 60 years. This information will be provided by the Head Office of EPFO, Bhikaji Kama Place,New Delhi. As it received, then it will be updated.

6. The 8.33%+1.16% of the difference of actual Basic+IDA( on which 12% EPF paid by MTNL) and Rs.5,000/-,Rs.6,500/-,Rs.15,000/-( the ceiling statutory limit for EPFO pension) as the case may be , will be deposited by the EPF Trust of MTNL to the EPFO on the exercise of option for enhanced pension w.e.f. 1/11/1998 or 1/10/2000 as the case may be.

7. The NCP will be reduced from the total length of period for calculating the EPFO pension. Means, any period due to any reason on which the 12% EPF is not paid by MTNL to the official/officer , that period will be reduced from the qualifying pensionable service of EPFO-95 pension.

New Update (05/04/2017)

It is suggested to all officer & officials, who recruited by MTNL directly may approach to the CMD office for execution of new order of EPFO for pension immediately. Those pro-rata pensioners who are not the members of PRPA, may also opt to join the new order of EPFO by pursuing to the CMD office through their unions/associations. There shall be no delay in execution of EPFO order and unite.

New Update (30/03/2017)

1 The PRPA is writing a letter to the CMD-MTNL for cordinating with EPFO for extending the benefit of full pension on actual Basic+IDA of last pay drawn by depositing the 8.33 contribution on BP+IDA since 1/11/1998 for Pro-rata absorbee’s and 1995 for directly recruited employee’s of MTNL in the interest of MTNL retiree’s. There shall be opportunity to switch over on full Basic+IDA to contribute to EPFO with the consent of Employer and employee.

2 But those who are the member of PRPA , their case is pending in the court for second spell IDA pension based on GPF pattern to be paid by DOT because they are the central govt employee absorbed in the MTNL with condition.

3. Those who are not the member of PRPA , they may switch over for full pension of EPFO by depositing contribution on Basic+IDA if they opt to change.

New Update (03/04/2017)

1 The dream of second spell IDA pension is realised by the EPFO in it’s new order. The retired official/officer may switch over on EPFO full pension if allow upto 60 years. The difference of IDA pension and CDA pro-rata pension is filled.

2 But so far as the members of PRPA are concerned, the case of second spell IDA pension based on GPF to be paid by DOT/GOI is pending in the court.

3 Only 70% of total EPF received will be deposited to the EPFO pension fund with the cordination of MTNL for pension based on Basic+IDA. The rest of 30% EPF will be in your account along with the amount received of pro-rata with arrears and nothing to be refunded.

4. The pension on CDA plus IDA of EPF will be handsome carry home pension for pro-rata pensioners and make thanks to courts as well as to GOD. live your rest life peacefully.