New Update (30/03/2017)

1 The PRPA is writing a letter to the CMD-MTNL for cordinating with EPFO for extending the benefit of full pension on actual Basic+IDA of last pay drawn by depositing the 8.33 contribution on BP+IDA since 1/11/1998 for Pro-rata absorbee’s and 1995 for directly recruited employee’s of MTNL in the interest of MTNL retiree’s. There shall be opportunity to switch over on full Basic+IDA to contribute to EPFO with the consent of Employer and employee.

2 But those who are the member of PRPA , their case is pending in the court for second spell IDA pension based on GPF pattern to be paid by DOT because they are the central govt employee absorbed in the MTNL with condition.

3. Those who are not the member of PRPA , they may switch over for full pension of EPFO by depositing contribution on Basic+IDA if they opt to change.

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