New Update (09/06/2017)

Congratulation to all the validate updated members of PRPA ” To achieve the object of full parity after long fight”. First achieved the modify parity through court since 1-1-2006 and thereafter same benefit from 1-1-2016. The representation to the chairman of 7th CPC by the GS-PRPA is converted into reality and achieved the full parity.

“Every struggle gives some result”

There is mile stone of order dated 31-5-2017 of EPFO in achieving the second spell IDA pension of gpf based to be paid by DOT without surrendering the CDA pension for first spell service.

The new question of Gratuity limit is raised in MTNL. The CO of MTNL raised the limit of gratuity from 10 lacs to 20 lacs only for those who are getting IDA pension of PSU from DOT.It is the discrimination between the employee of MTNL. This is voilation of article 14 of constitution of India. The affected officers may contact to the GS-PRPA.

GS-PRPA is visiting to Mumbai on dated 21st june 2017. The Mumbai official/officers   may contact to GS-PRPA for any query.

Unity is the base to achieve the second spell IDA pension to be paid by DOT.

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