New Update (18/10/2017)

  1. Happy Diwali, Goverdhan , Bhaiya Duj and chatth to all the pro-rata pensioners of MTNL and also congratulation for revision of pension on full parity since 1-1-2016.

  2. In case of DP , the Union of India has gone to Delhi High Court and argued on dated 10-10-2017. The counsel of Govt pleaded the case on Rule-55(ii) while the counsel of PRPA argued “ when the basic pension is revised since 1-4-2004 and we are entitled for that on the ground of no discrimination on the basis of cut-off date and pleaded the judgment of D.S.Nakara of supreme court and article-14”. The court has given direction to the counsel of Govt to file the affidavit duly signed by the Secretary DOT “ what would be the minimum pension who retire in may-2004”.

  3. Second spell IDA pension from DOT at par with other absorbee listed on dated 30-11-2017 and MA filed for DB on dated 9-10-2017.

  4. GPF case is listed on dated 14-11-2017.

  5. Minimum 3665 since 1-1-2006 case is listed on dated 22-11-2017.

  6. The cases of DA since 1-11-1998, Full parity since 1-1-2006 and CGHS on last IDA pay drawn belongs to individuals are on pleading stage and separate meeting will be called soon.

  7. The GBM of PRPA will be called just after the decision of DP and Second spell IDA pension.

  8. The GS-PRPA is victimized by transferring again & again while only 10 months of service is away from superannuation. But thousands of blessings are with GS-PRPA and no worry.

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