New Update (14/11/2017)

1. The GPF case listed on dated 29-1- 2018.

2. Three officers with one unidentified person attacked on the GS-PRPA at his residence 20.45 hrs on dated 25-10- 2017 by order of GM-North (Mukul Kamble) while GS-PRPA is on leave. It is highly objectionable and lodge the complaint to the Delhi Police for the same. Some of the officers at this level adopted the attitude of punishment (like British Ruler ) on the MTNL employees who are on the point of retirement, in place of motivational attitude. These officers treat the absorbed DOT employees as “slave or personal servant to fulfil their ill will”. Is it the great mistake of the DOT employee to absorb in MTNL?

3. All the executive and non-executive absorbed employee’s have to unite against this type of unconstitutional behaviour of such officers.

New Update (13/11/2017)

1.  In case of DP, the affidavit without annexing any order or document duly signed by the Secy. DOT hand over in the court to the counsel of PRPA( which is false ) and Hon’ble
High Court listed on 16-2- 2018.
2.  The next date of Second spell IDA pension case is listed on dated 30-11- 2017.
3.  The GM-North issued the 5 th baised transfer order of GS-PRPS while few months are
remaining in retirement. All the members of PRPA opposed this type of attitude of GM-
North. The Hon’ble Pr.CAT-Delhi issued the stay. Some of the Executives are behaving
like British Ruler and do not respect the constitution of India. Any unconstitutional
attitude of any officer in MTNL shall be opposed unitely.