New Update (21/11/2018)

The case of EPF stay is listed on 22-11-2018 at Delhi High Court.

The DOT employee who absorbed in MTNL and opted for pro-rata pension for DOT service while having less than 10 years service & not getting any pension may move for combined pension option in the PR CAT Delhi. This case has already admitted in the Pr CAT Delhi and notice has issued. It is for their interest and submit their name in the court for claim. They may go to Pr CAT Delhi in groups with fresh OA to club the main OA. It is the opportunity to move to the court for their right.

For any assistance, it may contact on Mobile 7982544354, 9717675714 for more clarification. It is appeal to all official who having less than 10 years service in DOT & have opted for pro-rata pension, they must join and avail the opportunity for their legal right.

New Update (12/11/2018)

Cases of PRPA

  1. Second spell IDA pension case listed on dated 13-12-2018.
  2. DP case listed at H/C on dated 19-12-2018.
  3. GPF case listed on dated 3-12-2018.
  4. Minimum pension 3665 since 1-1-2006 listed on dated 08-01-2019.

Cases of Individual Group

  1. Full Parity since 1-1-2006 listed on dated 14-12-2018.
  2. DA on pension since 1-11-1998 listed on 4-12-2018.
  3. CGHS facility on last pay drawn on superannuation listed on 18-12-2018.


A)Second spell IDA pension:- It is the IDA pension for the service rendered by the DOT absorbed employee in MTNL as assured by DOT in option letter on the completion of 10 years qualifying pensionable in MTNL on superannuation and 20 years QF service in case of VR. The complete EPF will be returned to Govt. of India with interest & no CDA pension will be refunded. The pension wiil be computed on the last pay drawn on IDA on superannuation as the case may be. The IDA will be entitled on this pension and commutation is applicable. It is purely for pension only.To get it, we have to fight upto Supreme Court.

B)Combined pension option:- It is the IDA pension for the combined service of DOT and MTNL OR say the second spell IDA pension in which first spell service of DOT is counted. It is not the pension which is governed by Central Pay Commission as also clarified by the ministry. It is revised as per the order of DPE and on the basis of affordability clause. To get it , the whole pension received from 1-11-1998 with interest will be refunded and the amount of EPF with interest if received will also be refunded. The case of individual is filed in the Pr.CAT Delhi and admitted for less than 10 years service in DOT & not getting CDA pension.

C)EPFO pension on actual BP+IDA:- The EPF as received by the employee as 12% on the actual Basic Pay + IDA out of this 8.33% with interest will be deposited to the EPFO above the 5000,6500 and 15000.The computation is based on the deposit of contribution. There is no enhancement and IDA on this pension. It is beneficiary for directly recruited employee of MTNL. To get this, the case is listed in High Court Delhi on dated 19-11-2018 of G.D.Gupta.

GS-PRPA pray to God, all three benefits to be extended to the pro-rata pensioners of DOT/MTNL and Directly recruited employee of MTNL.