New Update (25/12/2018)

  1. The case of second spell IDA pension to be paid by DOT was listed on 13-12-2018 and pre-poned by the bench on dated 5-12-2018 without any notice. Even the case put on board on dated 6-12-2018 & order uploaded on 19-12-2018 and not heard the argument of OA and rejoinder and disposed-off just to clear the pendency of cases. It is completely against the natural justice of pensioners. The PRPA is preparing to file the writ petition against this order to the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi just after opening of court in January-2019.Not to worry, case is in our favor.
  2. The case of DP is listed on dated 19-2-2019 in Hon’ble Delhi High Court.
  3. The case of GPF listed on 13-12-2018 and adjourned but date is not mentioned.
  4. The case of minimum pension 3665 since 1-1-2006 is listed on 8-1-2019.

Cases of Individual group

  1. The case of full parity is listed on dated 8-2-2019 in court no.5
  2. The case of CDA on pro-rata since 1-11-1998 is listed on dated 9-1-2019 in court no.5
  3. The case of CGHS facility on last pay drawn on superannuation is listed on dated 27-2-2019 in court no.6
  4. The PRPA executive committee is ready to fight the case of second spell up to the supreme court. The members who are having the less than 10 years service in DOT & opted pro-rata pension, are also covered in this case.
  5. Those official of less than 10 years service who are interested to file the fresh OA on the basis of judgement of Asha Devi, they may contact on 7982544354,9717675714 for assistance. It is also discussed with the counsel who filed the fresh OA on this matter.

“ Be affirm & unite for achieving the final goal”

New Update (16/12/2018)

The OA/100/4179/2018 of Sh.Laxman Singh and OA/100/2803/2018 of Sh.Vipin and Others of less than 10 years pro-rata optee’s case admit in the Pr.CAT Delhi for fresh option on dated 2/11/2018. Thereafter two groups are in the process to file the fresh OA in the Pr.CAT Delhi on the same identical subject/prayer. The other groups are also preparing for filing the OA for the demand of fresh option for less than 10 years service in DOT who opted pro-rata pension.

It is advice to all less than 10 years service in DOT employee who opted pro-rata pension for DOT service that they must file the OA to the Pr.CAT Delhi/Mumbai for fresh option of pension. In case any legal assistance is required, it may be contacted on M-7982544354,9717675714 and collect the representation form at an earliest possibility.

New Update (15/12/2018)

  1. Mrs Asha Devi w/o Late Sh.Chandi Prasad Bamrara filed the OA-1490/2017 for fresh combined pension due to less than 10 years service against the pro-rata pension for the service rendered to the DOT. The Pr.CAT Delhi allowed the application with the direction to provide the fresh option for combined pension option .
  2. The Government gone to Delhi High Court WP( C ) -9070/2018, But Delhi High Court given the judgement in the favor Mrs Asha Devi on dated 16/11/2018 and directed to provide fresh option for combined pension. It also mentioned particularly to count past for pension in IDA pension of PSU/MTNL and same is elaborate by GS-PRPA in the case of Second Spell IDA pension of PSU/MTNL.
  3. The pro-rata optee of less than 10 years service may move to the Pr. Delhi/Mumbai in groups for their legitimate right.