New Update (04-11-2019)

After a long  gap, the PRPA is again joining the dialogue with it’s members and pro-rata pensioners of MTNL. After the last updation, the new developments have come in force in this period.

1. In case of CGHS facility after retirement to pro-rata pensioners, Pr.CAT-Delhi passed the order to ministry of Health & DOT to review the case and allow ward on the basis of last post at the time of retirement from MTNL/PSU and not from the date of absorption.

2. The case of minimum pension 3665 since 1-1-2006 is allowed by the Pr.CAT-Delhi and order passed in favor of pro-rata pensioners in MTNL.

3. The case of DA on pension since absorption, the pleadings are completed and on final argument within few days.

4. The case of GPF is on board since last one week on hearing for final decision.

5. The case of second spell IDA pension to be paid by DOT is submitted and on argument within few days in Hon’ble Delhi High Court.

6. The case of DP is linked with DA case at Hon’ble Delhi High Court.

The MTNL has introduced the VRS scheme for ita’s employee’s with draft terms & conditions. The executive of PRPA held in meeting has decided to oppose the two points at the level of CMD-MTNL, MOC, Head of group of ministers and PMO. 1. Un constitutional term introduced to stop the employee from the legitimate right of court appeal on the land of law. 2. Deduction of due pension amount (which is not being paid) from ex-gratia computed for rest of service on VRS applied in case of pro-rata pensioners of MTNL. Extreme level discrimination, Combined service pensioners will get 125% ex-gratia of last pay (BP+IDA), Pro-rata pensioners will get 75% ex-gratia of last pay (BP+IDA) and Directly recruited employee of MTNL will get 100% ex-gratia of last pay (BP+IDA). But subject to the Gujrat Model and cealing to three limits.

It is the crucial time, all the pro-rata pensioners have to unite for right. It is learnt from the sources, Asha Devi succeed to get combined pension of Rs.20,000/- pm with arrear of 15 lakhs after the long battle up to supreme court, the executive of PRPA congrats to Asha Devi on winning of less than 10 years case of pro-rata pensioners in MTNL.

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