New Update (08/11/2019)

  1. The case of GPF is disposed off with the observation ,there is pension in MTNL and gpf trust formed in march 2005 , presidential order issued in 2001. The object to file this OA by the PRPA is complete.
  2. VRS Scheme 2019 introduced

Facts and Events

  1. Group C & D absorbed on 1-11-1998 under Rule-37 of CCS (Pension) Rule 1972.
  2. The pension will be regulated under Rule-37 in MTNL since 1-11-1998.
  3. IDA pension paid by MTNL from 1-11-1998 upto april-2014 is PSU pension.
  4. Since april-2014 onward IDA pension of PSU is being paid by DOT on behaif of MTNL.
  5. Appreciate the view of CMD-MTNL to consider the optee A & B at par under Rule-37 for the computation of ex-gratia on applying of VRS-2019.
  6. The VRS may be applied by any of the eligible employee without any fear. The superannuation age may be reduced to 58 as informed by CMD-MTNL.
  7.  Highly appreciable, the government pensioners will also be eligible for IDA pension for second spell of service in MTNL as per the observation of senior counsels in reference to VRS Scheme-2019 introduced by MTNL.
  8. For eligibility of full pension in case of voluntary retirement the required qualifying pensionable service is 20 years as per GOI dated 29-8-2008.
  9. In case of superannuation, for full pension the required qualifying service is 10 years as per GOI dated 8-6-2011.
  10. The office order issued by MTNL for VRS-2019, the word “pro-rata’ is deleted from CCS (Pension) Rule-1972 as per GOI issued in December-2012. Hence, the office order is defective.
  11. Earlier three VRS Golden Sake hand scheme in MTNL had introduced, always the service was counted since the date of regular appointment for all absorbed DOT employees for the purpose of computation of ex-gratia. It is not new as done now.
  12. It is requested to VRS Optee that Please keep the filled copy of Form and work sheet of calculation of ex-gratia, gratuity, leave encashment, pension, group insurance  etc.
  13.  All the information with documentary evidence submitted to Hon’ble Delhi High Court through our counsel.

Note:- The official/officer applying for VRS must mark ‘yes’ column no.15, in the case filed the case in the court for appeal or natural justice or constitutional right.

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