New Update (10/11/2019)

MTNL VRS Scheme – 2019

  1. Group A & B absorbed on 1-10-2000 under Rule 37A of CCS ( Pension ) Rule 1972 and Pro-rata Pension offered from 2007 to 2012.
  2. Sub-rule 23 of Rule-37A amended by GOI dated 3-3-2014 and effective from respective date. Group C & D absorbed in 37 extended to 37A for making of pension payment by DOT/GOI. Specially, the directly recruited employees of MTNL are not covered under this GOI dated 3-3-2014.
  3. The CCS (Pension) Rule-1972, Presidential Order and Option Letter allows the IDA Pension of MTNL/PSU for second spell of service on the completion of Qualifying Pensionable Service.
  4. It is not under standable why all the unions/associations are not considering the grievances of pro-rata pensioners while on other part the unions/associations seeking chanda, donations and participation in demonstration from pro-rata pensioners. All are silent on the genuine issues of pro-rata pensioners. Is it only to push the pro-rata pensioners to court for it’s genuine grievances.
  5. It is submitted to Secy-DOT and CMD-MTNL that they will listen the voice of pro-rata pensioners for natural justice.
  6. The high majority of eligible employees are opting for VRS despite of discrimination.

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