New Update (19/11/2019)

MTNL VRS Scheme – 2019

Whether this scheme is for workers only or for ITS & CMD & Directors also. Why the figures of CMD, Directors and ITS officers has not declared who opted this VRS. This organization was established by British People 170 years ago and so many generations contributed in its growth. If there is any failure that is due to management and corruption. In the interest of Nation and Government of India any one may withdraw the VRS option till 3rd December 2019. Those, who are telling in the meetings to discourage the staff, on other side they are getting extention after retirement. A 50 years old official/officer is burden on MTNL while retired white colored are useful for MTNL.

BMS “ Desh ke heet mei karenge kam, kam ke lenge pure daam”

VRS should be in phase manner on quarterly basis in the interest of MTNL/GOI resulting to revive. There is too much hurry to sell the property of MTNL. 

No one is speaking regarding Pro-rata pensioners.

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