New Update (21/11/2019)

  1. It is very much circulated on whats app the copy of the decision of GPF case of PRPA with dismissal by the CAT. In which the para-9 of the Presidential Order issued by the DOT on absorption is the ground to file the OA which is completely ignored by the court. As per para-9, the consent of the official is required to transfer the fund and DOT assured to pay PSU pension available in MTNL. The MTNL paid the IDA pension of PSU of MTNL till 2014 and after 2014 paid by DOT on behalf of MTNL. Even the CAT in daily order asked to the counsel whether oppose the EPF and request for GPF for IDA pension on the qualifying service. The case of second spell IDA pension to be paid by DOT is admitted in Hon’ble Delhi High Court.  


The counsel of PRPA is challenging this dismissal of the GPF case by the CAT in Hon’ble Delhi High Court in support of the case of Second spell IDA pension to be paid by DOT on the completion of qualifying pensionable service. The members are not worry on rumors and PRPA is committed to fight in the land of law for it’s members benefit.

  1. The case CGHS will be pursued, to the concerned ministry with its own order for pro-rata pensioners, in December-2019 on the completion of 90 days after the receipt of cat order.
  2. In reference to court case for VRS optee’s, the counsel of PRPA wrote a letter to the CMD-MTNL & ED-Delhi. The objection of members of PRPA for VRS option, it is submitted to the Secretary DOT and CMD-MTNL by the PRPA. For any discrimination, the PRPA will take action on it.
  3. The case of fearing VRS in MTNL is raised in the parliament today.
  4. It is requested to all members, please not to believe in rumors and watch the PRPA site on regular basis. In case, any member who is not interested to continue to join the PRPA for DP case , Second spell case and GPF case, may leave the PRPA by not paying the contribution & membership. Once the members will opt for EPF pension on actual last pay drawn , may not be the part of second spell IDA pension of MTNL  even after getting the decision from the supreme court in favor.

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