New Update (08/12/2019)


  1. Second spell IDA case, WPC-12160/2019 notice issued and listed on dated 30-01-2020 at Hon. Delhi High Court. Infact, the matter is started now and no doubt the seven years are wasted in CAT.
  2. GPF Case, the CAT order are being challenged at Hon. Delhi High Court.
  3. DP case, it is pending at Hon. Delhi High Court & listed on 23-01-2020.
  4. Minimum 3665 pension since 1-1-2006 is ordered by Pr.CAT Delhi. But no one is coming forward for implementation or contempt in which 45k arrear may be computed.

Individual Group Cases

  1. CGHS case, the denial speaking orders are being challenged at Pr. CAT Delhi
  2. DA on pension since 1-11-1998 as per DOPT order, it is pending at Pr.CAT & listed on 19-12-2019.
  3. Full Parity case, Incremental benefit since 1-1-2006, it is pending at Pr.CAT Delhi & listed on dated 12-3-2020.


  1. It is conveyed to all the employee’s of MTNL absorbed from DOT that they are the operative creditors and in case, they win in any case, shall be benefitted by MTNL/DOT even on availing the VRS.
  2. It is conveyed to all employees who opted pro-rata pension for the service rendered in DOT before absorption while they are having less than 10 years of service in DOT , they must file the case in CAT for combined pension option after availing VRS. Any legal assistance is required, they may contact on 7982544354.
  3. It is conveyed that all the (pro-rata) pensioners must update their PPO as per 7th CPC from CCA-DOT immediately. Thereafter, they may revise their ward entitlement after VRS date 31-1-2020 in the CGHS. They have to unite and PRPA is writing letter in this reference to the Secretary DOT.
  4. Best plan to invest for recurring income by pro-rata pensioners after VRS


  1. Firstly invest in Senior Citizen Saving Scheme upto 15L within 30 days of VRS.
  2. Secondly invest in RBI Bonds 7.75 interest non-cumulative as per fund.
  3. Thirdly invest in NSC with 5 years lock in.
  4. Please not to invest in private hands/bank which is on high risk.
  5. If you manage the funds in the above said manner, you will get the returns as equal the combined pensioners.

Jai Hind, we have the potential to fight for the constitutional right of pro-rata pensioners upto the curative at Hon. Supreme Court.

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