New Update (14/12/2019)

A) CGHS Facility:- After getting the revision of PPO as per 7th CPC, the pro-rata pensioners have to represent to the Secretary-  ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi with following documents for their ward facility as per last  pay drawn from MTNL at the time of superannuation/VR/VRS/ retirement or death case terminal benefits.

  1. Last pay slip or last pay certificate
  2. Copy of PPO issued by DOT
  3. Extention of CGHS facility to the employee’s of BSNL/MTNL:- copy of order, M.H.&F.W. , OM – No.Z-15025/28/2013-CGHS,III (Part-1) dated 9-1-2014,( the copy may be availed from ministry of Health & Family Welfare site or google search ).
  4. Extention of CGHS Benefits to PSU Absorbee’s :-
  1. M.H. & F.W. , OM No. C-14012/11/2003- CGHS- Desk-I, dated 18-8-2009
  2. M.H. & F.W., OM No. H-11013/2/2005-CGHS(P), dated 17-3-2011 ( copy may be availed from MH&FW site or google search)

Government Decision

“The contribution to be made wiil be decided by the Grade Pay that they would have now drawn in the government in the post held by them but for their absorption in SB/AB.”

Meaning or interpretation given by the group senior counsels that the ward facility contribution will be decided as per the corresponding grade pay of the last pay drawn on retirement from MTNL/BSNL when you are getting pension from central civil estimate for the service rendered to DOT. You are getting CDA-Pension since 1-1-2006 & full CDA-Pension since 1-1-2016 , not pro-rata pension. Hence, you are entitle for the implementation of DOT’S OM No. 4-12(11)/2012=PAT(Part) dated 31-8-2016 for CGHS benefit. Conclusively, it is requested to all CDA Pensioners that immediately you must represent for ward entitlement as per last pay drawn from MTNL to the Secretary- M.H. & F.W.. The individual group is also backing this issue through court by challenging the speaking order. In case of any problem, contact to GS-PRPA on 7982544354.

  1. Filling of online data for retirement documents on VRS/superannuation, it is requested to all the VRS optee’s immediately fill or feed data through your unit officer by keeping Aadhar Card, PAN card, Bank Pass Book along with spouse ( individual or joint) and date of birth of children ( may be with aadhar,PAN, Bank pass book for nomination) for fast processing of your terminal benefits & facilitate with FMS.      


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