New Update (05/04/2020)

It is an important message conveyed to all members of PRPA. The information of GS-PRPA will be conveyed only through PRPA website “ as per clause 4(g) of a memorandum of PRPA as approved by Registrar of Societies.

As suggested by Hon’ble member Sh. Satendera Pal telephonically that once more the clarification for Second spell IDA case pending at Delhi High Court for members of PRPA shall be updated. Again it is describe as follow.

  1. For members who opted VRS-19 : as per legal requirement, VRS-19 optee has to withdraw their 10D form from CPF section(if deposited), if they want to remain in the case of Second Spell of IDA pension to be paid by DOT. Otherwise,w their name will not submit to the court in this case and neither their membership will be renewed.
  2. All the members will collect the representation form to submit to Secretary-DOT of undertaking from Sh. V.K.Sharma (9868136686) from 15th june-20 to 30th june-20. This form is mandatory to submit in the case of Second spell to the Delhi High Court.
  3. The membership shall be renewed to update & validate only on the submission of representation to Secretary-DOT of undertaking till 31st july-20. Thereafter, the updated validate list will be submitted to High Court in the case of Second spell IDA pension to be paid by DOT. 
  4. It is clearly mentioned here that PRPA or any Post holder of PRPA is not giving any assurance in reference to the outcome of court case or EPS-95 pension. Please note it.
  5. The GS-PRPA and his team will fight the DP & Second spell IDA case upto the curative in the supreme court. It is our commitment

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