New Update (4/5/2020)

Very important updation :-

In 2011-12 initially, it was appealed to all pro-rata pensioners to be united and ready to fight for own issues with the administration & government of India without the help of any union & association. GS- PRPA appealed to all pro-rata optee’s to become the member of PRPA and contribute only rupees 1,000/. After long pursue only 12% of total pro-rata optees joined PRPA, but after getting modified parity in 2016, it is rumour that no need to join the PRPA. When any decision will come from the court, it will be applicable to all. Commented,the PRPA is money collecting plate form and only 5% of total pro-rata optees revalidated their membership. The executive body of PRPA decided to file further cases in groups or individual for their legitimate rights.

PRPA fight the following cases in the court

  1. Modified Parity:- fight upto contempt with caveat and achieved
  2. Dearness Pension :- still pending in Delhi High Court on final
  3. Minimum Pension 3665 since 1-1-2006:- win the case
  4. GPF case :- under consideration to file in Delhi High Court
  5. Second spell IDA-PSU pension to be paid by DOT:- notice issued to UOI & pending at Delhi High Court

Individual group cases

  1. CGHS case:- win order issued by CGHS as well by MTNL to review
  2. DA on pension since 1-11-1998: Delay condoned & allowed and submitted OM is accepted, on final argument with last opportunity to UOI & MTNL
  3. Full Parity:- pleading complete & on final argument
  4. I

Individual cases

  1. Combined option case :- case filed by Asha Devi and win. Finally getting IDA pension and got the arrear.
  2. Pension payable case VRS-19 optee( only group C&D):- So many official are in contact to file the individual case in court. There is the need to establish for eligibility of IDA pension payable only. It is to be done by all pro-rata optee who opted VRS-19. It is the last golden opportunity. For this, you should not fill the 10D form for EPS-95 pension. And also protest epf.
  3. Income tax rebate on ex-gratia case:- it is submitted to the team of counsels opinion on the basis of sick industry.

Note:- The individual case is more effective to get the result in favor in short time.

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