New Update (10/05/2020)

In reference to EPFO letter, the following questions are raised

  1. VRS optee of Pro-rata optee is retired on 31-1-2020 with acceptance. Why the payment of their provident fund is not made till the date. It is the delay tactics with the involvement of unions.
  2. The Pension payable is shown in the ex-gratia calculation sheet for the remaining service ( from 31-1-2020 to superannuation date ). It is to be paid, why the question of higher pension from EPFO is raised. Due to Pension payable, the EPF is not credited in the account of CPF holders who are DOT employee absorbed in MTNL. 
  3. All the pro-rata pensioners are entitled for IDA pension of PSU for MTNL service which is being paid by DOT as per your option letter, Presidential order and provided rule on the date of absorption. It is established.
  4. It is the duty of every VRS optee to claim Pension payable in the court if not paid by management despite payable. It is the clear cut case of violation of Article-14 of constitution of India. It is troubleful no doubt, but you have to fight for constitutional right.
  5. The PRPA is already fighting in the High Court for Second spell IDA pension to be paid by DOT after superannuation. It is policy matter to decide by the competent court while Pension payable is financial matter. The individual in group have to move in court for their right.
  6. What is the great achievement of unions & associations for pro-rata optee except discrimination and cruel harassment.

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