New Update (18-9-2020)

  1. It is rumoured by some of the persons that nothing is done by PRPA or Sunil Kumar in the case of modify parity and it is done by Railway Unions. No doubt, the basic efforts were done by Railway Unions to get the modify parity, but in that order by inserting para-5, the pro-rata pensioners of MTNL were refused to give this benefit by the GOI. Thereafter, Sunil Kumar filed petition in the name of PRPA vs GOI in the court to remove the para-5 from the main order. Then, court issued the order in favor of PRPA but the GOI did not implemented. After the given time by the court, Sunil Kumar filed contempt petition in the court for implementation of court order and also filed the caveat  in the high court. The GOI did not move to the High court  and Court ordered to make the payment. Thereafter, GOI made the payment of arrear in the court to Sunil Kumar and Ram Nath . Thereafter, the payment of others have released. 
  2. It is experienced that it is difficult to get relief on Association/Union plate form and on other part, the individual appeals are properly listened. The PRPA has filed the 16 petition/filing in the court at different level and in some of the filing the decisions have come in favor and in some of the filing the prayers are dismissed. Even today, three cases are pending at different level. The cases filed on individual level or in very individual group, resulted in success. The latest example of CHGS up-gradation of pro-rata pensioners. In the Indian judicial system, it is time consuming. As & When, decision of any pending case comes, it will be informed on the site.
  3.  In the CGHS up-gradation, total seven groups have got the order from the court and the case of two new groups are filed in court & waiting for order.  
  4. Everyone is free to move to the court for their legitimate right. The PRPA is in the last appeal in the court with very few members and these are in a position to bear the expenses of court till last. None has to worry about Sunil Kumar and PRPA.

New Update (4/9/2020)

CGHS Ward upgradation :– First Four Group—the order from tribunal of three groups have received and same submitted to the concerned authority by the counsel to issue the order of the applicants to comply the court orders. The set of representation alongwith court order handed over to the applicants to submit to CGHS and CMD-MTNL for revised LPC as per 7th CPC on CDA scale and upgradation of CGHS contribution as well the ward entitlement. The order of tribunal of one group is still awaited and after receiving the order of this group, the implementation process of this group will start.

Fifth Group—Today the order is issued by the tribunal in favor of the applicant. As the order receive, the implementation process will  start by the counsel.

Sixth Group—The case is completed and ready for filing in the court.

Seventh Group—The case is in progress to complete and the retiree’s are coming to join. As the group complete, it will be filed in the court.

Note:– Any one who is interested for upgradation of CGHS facility may contact to Sh.B.S.Sharma-9899129933.

50% Pension Payable :– The discussion is done in length and the Pro-rata VRS optee are willing to claim this huge amount which is not being paid by MTNL on account of Ex-gratia.

Exemption of Income-tax on ex-gratia :– After the deep study of Income tax act, Companies act, Industrial Dispute act, High Court Decision in some of the cases and observation of Supreme Court, It is decided by the group of VRS optee ( both GPF & CPF ) to move to the High court for the exemption of Income Tax on ex-gratia amount.

Due to COVID-19, no further development in other cases which are pending in courts.