New Update (5/10/2020)

  1. Minimum 3665 pension from 1-1-2006 to 31-12-2015 :– The contempt is filed against Secy.- DOT, Ministry of Communication  & IT and Secy.-Expenditure, Ministry of Finance, GOI for the payment of arrear of difference to comply the court order. It will also raise the minimum pension from 1-1-2016. All the pro-rata pensioners getting minimum pension may contact to Sh.V.K.Sharma (9868136686) for further updation and benefits.
  2. CGHS Facility :– The orders of seven groups are issued by the court and the counsel submitted the copy of court order to concerned authority. The legal notice is being served to the CGHS authority to comply the court order. In case it is not done in due course of time, the contempt will be filed. The next group is in process to file.
  3. Amendment of Rule-37A :– As per OM dated 3-3-2014 issued by GOI, The Rule-37A is amended from the retrospective date of 1-11-1998 for DOT employee absorbed in MTNL. So many individual and groups submitted to DOT for this grievance on PG-Portal and replied by DOT that “ the matter is under consideration for change of option & will take time due to policy matter”.
  4. Change of option who have less than 10 years service in DOT :– The total seven groups have filed the case in the court as per above para-3 and still pending in court. The new groups are moving in the court and if any one interested may contact to Sh.B.S.Sharma (9899129933).
  5. The two small groups have filed for “X” & “Y” prospective due’s against MTNL and DOT to the court non payments.
  1. EPFO :– Para-11(3) of EPS-95 ( provision of pension on actual salary or say higher pension ) is omitted in 2012 w.e.f. 2014 from EPS-95 by the EPFO. The three SLP have filed in the Supreme court by the EPFO & Govt. of India in this matter.
  2. The MTNL has not paid the due’s of the VRS optee till the date and listen the salary of woring employee is not paid of the previous month.


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