New Update (07/05/2018)

Status cases of PRPA

  1. Second spell IDA Pension could not heard and next listed on 17-07-2018.
  2. 3665 minimum pension next listed on 11-07-2018.
  3. GPF case next listed on 2-07-2018.
  4. DP payment in Hon.High Court Delhi , GOI applied for delay condone and next date listed on 11-09-2018.

Status of Individual Group Cases

  1. Full parity on Pro-rata since 1-1-2006, listed on 20-7-2018.
  2. DA on pro-rata since absorption , listed on 12-7-2018.
  3. CGHS on last pay drawn, listed on 14-5-2017.

Sh.G.D.Gupta appeared in the Delhi High Court for seeking EPS-95 pension on actual Basic+IDA as per 11(3) and same is ordered by Supreme Court for CPF holders. It is directly benefit to Directly Recruited (DR) of MTNL. DR may contact to the GS-PRPA for more detail on 9868578844.

New Update (18/2/2018)

Cases of PRPA

  1. DP case in DB Delhi High Court, Govt filed the corrected affidavit to court and adjourned till 11-9-2018. The Court considered the members of PRPA only.

Cases of individual group

  1. The DA case is listed on dated 12-4-2018.
  2. The CGHS case is listed on dated 12-4-2018.

New Update (04/12/2017)

For PRPA Cases

1. Second spell IDA pension case:- MA of PRPA for DB is allowed and next date is 15-1- 18.

2. DP case at High Court:- GOI appeal not allowed & next date is 16-2- 2017.

3. GPF case:- Next date is 29-1- 18

4. Minimum 3665 pension since 1-1- 2006 case: Counter submitted by GOI and Counsel of PRPA will submit the rejoinder soon. Next date is 9-1- 18.

5. EPFO:- The case of pension contribution on actual basic+ida by removing the sealing of 5,000&6,500&15,000 since 1-11- 1998 or 1-10- 2000 as the case may be, as per the order of Supreme Court, the cases of appeal in the different High Courts for exempted organization employee have transferred to Hon’ble Supreme for final order.

For Individual Group Cases

1. The case of full parity since 1-1- 2006:- The counter is submitted by the GOI & next date of hearing is 13-3- 2018.The rejoinder will be submitted by the counsel of case.

2. The DA on CDA pro-rata pension since 1-11- 1998 case:- The counter is submitted by the GOI and counsel of case will submit the rejoinder soon. Next date is 22-12- 2017.

3. The CGHS facility on last IDA pay drawn case:- The GOI & Health Ministry have not replied till the date. The next date is 18-12- 17.

The affirm determination with unity and hard work shall always give you the positive result.

New Update (14/11/2017)

1. The GPF case listed on dated 29-1- 2018.

2. Three officers with one unidentified person attacked on the GS-PRPA at his residence 20.45 hrs on dated 25-10- 2017 by order of GM-North (Mukul Kamble) while GS-PRPA is on leave. It is highly objectionable and lodge the complaint to the Delhi Police for the same. Some of the officers at this level adopted the attitude of punishment (like British Ruler ) on the MTNL employees who are on the point of retirement, in place of motivational attitude. These officers treat the absorbed DOT employees as “slave or personal servant to fulfil their ill will”. Is it the great mistake of the DOT employee to absorb in MTNL?

3. All the executive and non-executive absorbed employee’s have to unite against this type of unconstitutional behaviour of such officers.

New Update (13/11/2017)

1.  In case of DP, the affidavit without annexing any order or document duly signed by the Secy. DOT hand over in the court to the counsel of PRPA( which is false ) and Hon’ble
High Court listed on 16-2- 2018.
2.  The next date of Second spell IDA pension case is listed on dated 30-11- 2017.
3.  The GM-North issued the 5 th baised transfer order of GS-PRPS while few months are
remaining in retirement. All the members of PRPA opposed this type of attitude of GM-
North. The Hon’ble Pr.CAT-Delhi issued the stay. Some of the Executives are behaving
like British Ruler and do not respect the constitution of India. Any unconstitutional
attitude of any officer in MTNL shall be opposed unitely.

New Update (18/10/2017)

  1. Happy Diwali, Goverdhan , Bhaiya Duj and chatth to all the pro-rata pensioners of MTNL and also congratulation for revision of pension on full parity since 1-1-2016.

  2. In case of DP , the Union of India has gone to Delhi High Court and argued on dated 10-10-2017. The counsel of Govt pleaded the case on Rule-55(ii) while the counsel of PRPA argued “ when the basic pension is revised since 1-4-2004 and we are entitled for that on the ground of no discrimination on the basis of cut-off date and pleaded the judgment of D.S.Nakara of supreme court and article-14”. The court has given direction to the counsel of Govt to file the affidavit duly signed by the Secretary DOT “ what would be the minimum pension who retire in may-2004”.

  3. Second spell IDA pension from DOT at par with other absorbee listed on dated 30-11-2017 and MA filed for DB on dated 9-10-2017.

  4. GPF case is listed on dated 14-11-2017.

  5. Minimum 3665 since 1-1-2006 case is listed on dated 22-11-2017.

  6. The cases of DA since 1-11-1998, Full parity since 1-1-2006 and CGHS on last IDA pay drawn belongs to individuals are on pleading stage and separate meeting will be called soon.

  7. The GBM of PRPA will be called just after the decision of DP and Second spell IDA pension.

  8. The GS-PRPA is victimized by transferring again & again while only 10 months of service is away from superannuation. But thousands of blessings are with GS-PRPA and no worry.

New Update (28/06/2017)

1. The meeting held at Prabhadevi telephone exchange Mumbai on 21st june,GS-PRPA informed to the members in detail the status of all cases pending in the court.

2. GS-PRPA is being submitted the grievances of fixation of full parity in 7th CPC to the Pr CCA-Delhi and asking the time to meet in first week of july 2017.

3. It is requested to all pro-rata pensioners be unit, if required to demonstrate at the office of Pr.CCA-Delhi, Parsad Nagar, Delhi to save the pensioners from victimisation.

New Update (09/06/2017)

Congratulation to all the validate updated members of PRPA ” To achieve the object of full parity after long fight”. First achieved the modify parity through court since 1-1-2006 and thereafter same benefit from 1-1-2016. The representation to the chairman of 7th CPC by the GS-PRPA is converted into reality and achieved the full parity.

“Every struggle gives some result”

There is mile stone of order dated 31-5-2017 of EPFO in achieving the second spell IDA pension of gpf based to be paid by DOT without surrendering the CDA pension for first spell service.

The new question of Gratuity limit is raised in MTNL. The CO of MTNL raised the limit of gratuity from 10 lacs to 20 lacs only for those who are getting IDA pension of PSU from DOT.It is the discrimination between the employee of MTNL. This is voilation of article 14 of constitution of India. The affected officers may contact to the GS-PRPA.

GS-PRPA is visiting to Mumbai on dated 21st june 2017. The Mumbai official/officers   may contact to GS-PRPA for any query.

Unity is the base to achieve the second spell IDA pension to be paid by DOT.