New Update (8/4/2019)

Respected validate updated members of PRPA/participants of Group,

Now a days different type of news are flowing reference to the employees of telecom companies BSNL/MTNL and for it’s revival. The elected govt will take the final decision as per it’s own suitability. The PRPA is committed to fight for Second spell IDA pension to be paid by DOT for it’s members up to the supereme court for natural justice and implementation of written promise by DOT.

It is also assured to the participants of group cases( DA on pension since 1-11-1998, full parity since 1-1-2006 and CGHS facility on IDA last pay drawn) that these cases shall also be fight upto the extent.

The VRS is to be carefully read before taking final decision

Thanking you

Sunil Kumar GS-PRPA 

New Update (15/03/2019)

  1. Respected members who have faith in PRPA firstly wishes best on “HOLI” celebration. Every validate updated members are keen to know about the status of the case of “Second spell IDA pension to be paid by DOT”. The unfortunate happening was done on 6-12-2018 that the case was not heard properly and decided without the consideration of our prayer. Most of cases decided on the said date were remanded back by the High Court. But we are working in that line of action, our case shall not be remanded back. In this situation, the case is to be decided by the High Court because already the case is delayed more than eight years. The WPC is ready to file but more documents and information are required by the senior counsel to plead in the High court for success result. Some documents are arranged to file the case and some document will be arranged after 31-3-2019. The case is on filing process in Delhi High Court. There is no delay on the part of limitation. The PRPA is committed to fight the case up to the Supreme court for justice to apply the terms of “option letter”.
  2. No doubt the patience of the members is breaking but the happenings are not in our control. In the mean time, the possibility of transfer of EPF to the EPFO from EPF Trust MTNL raised on the direction of Delhi High Court. It is also expected the benefit of 11(3) of EPS-95 may be extended to the CPF holder. Any one may go for EPS-95 but the stand of Executive body of PRPA is to fight for “Second spell IDA pension for DOT absorbed employee in MTNL & to be paid by DOT”.
  3. The less than ten years pro-rata optee’s filed the OA’s in Pr.CAT Delhi in five groups and notice issued. As heard, the next date in april-2019.
  4. The case of DP is pending in Delhi High Court.
  5. The case of GPF is pending in Pr.CAT Delhi.
  6. The case of minimum pension 3665 since 1-1-2006 is pending at Pr.CAT.
  7. The group case of full parity since 1-1-2006, DA on pension since 1-11-1998 and CGHS facility on last pay drawn are pending at Pr.CAT Delhi. All the participants in these cases may contact to Sunil Kumar for updation on mobile No. 7982544354,9868578844,9717675714. Thanks

New Update (25/12/2018)

  1. The case of second spell IDA pension to be paid by DOT was listed on 13-12-2018 and pre-poned by the bench on dated 5-12-2018 without any notice. Even the case put on board on dated 6-12-2018 & order uploaded on 19-12-2018 and not heard the argument of OA and rejoinder and disposed-off just to clear the pendency of cases. It is completely against the natural justice of pensioners. The PRPA is preparing to file the writ petition against this order to the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi just after opening of court in January-2019.Not to worry, case is in our favor.
  2. The case of DP is listed on dated 19-2-2019 in Hon’ble Delhi High Court.
  3. The case of GPF listed on 13-12-2018 and adjourned but date is not mentioned.
  4. The case of minimum pension 3665 since 1-1-2006 is listed on 8-1-2019.

Cases of Individual group

  1. The case of full parity is listed on dated 8-2-2019 in court no.5
  2. The case of CDA on pro-rata since 1-11-1998 is listed on dated 9-1-2019 in court no.5
  3. The case of CGHS facility on last pay drawn on superannuation is listed on dated 27-2-2019 in court no.6
  4. The PRPA executive committee is ready to fight the case of second spell up to the supreme court. The members who are having the less than 10 years service in DOT & opted pro-rata pension, are also covered in this case.
  5. Those official of less than 10 years service who are interested to file the fresh OA on the basis of judgement of Asha Devi, they may contact on 7982544354,9717675714 for assistance. It is also discussed with the counsel who filed the fresh OA on this matter.

“ Be affirm & unite for achieving the final goal”

New Update (30/09/2018)

Cases pending on PRPA

  1. Second spell IDA pension listed on 3-10-2018 at Pr. CAT-Delhi.
  2. DP case listed on 19-2-2019 at Delhi High Court.
  3. GPF case listed on 4-10-2018 at Pr CAT-Delhi.
  4. Minimum pension 3665 since 1-1-2006 listed on 8-10-2018.

Cases pending of Individual group

  1. Full parity since 1-1-2006 listed on 14-12-2018 at Pr CAT-Delhi.
  2. DA on Pro-rata since 1-11-1998 listed on 26-10-2018 at Pr CAT-Delhi.
  3. CGHS on last pay drawn to Pro-rata pensioners listed on 2-11-2018 at Pr CAT-Delhi.

Hope for the best, we doing our best efforts.n

New Update (11/07/2018)



Through: Mr. Chandan Kumar, Advocate


UNION OF INDIA & ORS ….. Respondents

Through: Mr. Kanwal Chaudhary, Advocate for the applicants in CM Nos.15868/2018, 15869/2018 Kunwar Rajesh Singh & Ms. Punam Singh, Advocates for applicant in CM Nos.26027/2018 CORAM: HON’BLE MR. JUSTICE SANJIV KHANNA HON’BLE MR. JUSTICE CHANDER SHEKHAR

O R D E R % 05.07.2018 CM Nos.15869/2018, 26028/2018

Allowed, subject to all just exceptions.

LPA No.111/2015 & CM Nos.26027/2018, 15868/2018

Issue notice. Notice is accepted by learned counsel for the non-


Reply would be filed within three weeks. Rejoinder, if any,

would be filed within three weeks, after the replies are served.

Relist on 3.10.2018.



New Update (09/05/2018)

“ It is observed that the MTNL is computing the gratuity of the Pro-rata pensioners as equal to the directly recruited employee which is invalid and against to the law. It is to be computed at par with other absorbee. At the time of final superannuation retirement of DOT employee from MTNL who opted pro-rata pension for the first spell service, the gratuity is to be calculated as per the provision of PO letter on the completion of combined service of 33 years as[ 16.5 X (last Basic  Pay + IDA )]- paid amount on account of gratuity at the time of absorption= Rest amount of gratuity which is to be paid subject to 20 lacs. This is the great unjustice with pro-rata pension holders. While CMD office is seeking all type of aid from the Govt on the basis of DOT employee absorbed in the MTNL.”

Be united against the injustice.

All the DR (Directly Recruited) are required to secure their future social security for themselves and family to join the hands with PRPA for full pension on the basis of Actual Basic + IDA from EPS-95 scheme as per rule 11(3) and same is upheld by the supreme court . It is secured in the hand of Ministry of labour. 

New Update (07/05/2018)

Status cases of PRPA

  1. Second spell IDA Pension could not heard and next listed on 17-07-2018.
  2. 3665 minimum pension next listed on 11-07-2018.
  3. GPF case next listed on 2-07-2018.
  4. DP payment in Hon.High Court Delhi , GOI applied for delay condone and next date listed on 11-09-2018.

Status of Individual Group Cases

  1. Full parity on Pro-rata since 1-1-2006, listed on 20-7-2018.
  2. DA on pro-rata since absorption , listed on 12-7-2018.
  3. CGHS on last pay drawn, listed on 14-5-2017.

Sh.G.D.Gupta appeared in the Delhi High Court for seeking EPS-95 pension on actual Basic+IDA as per 11(3) and same is ordered by Supreme Court for CPF holders. It is directly benefit to Directly Recruited (DR) of MTNL. DR may contact to the GS-PRPA for more detail on 9868578844.

New Update (22/04/2018)

  1. Bad news:- Shri Manish Kumar AM(T) in the very young age of 33 years has died due to accident of burning to contact with high tension line at the time of overhead laying of OFC cable in Bawana Industrial area in duty hours on dated 19-04-2018. Both the association of executives are agitating & demanding at CMD office dharna 24 hours that the permanent job in MTNL to his wife, one crore rupees compensation and action against the responsible person.

  2. Mr G.D.Gupta & others have filed the case against PLA in Hon’ble High Court Delhi to implement the order of supreme court for EPS-95 pension on actual Basic+IDA and listed on dated 23-04-2018 at item no.37 in court no.3, as informed by Mr.G.D.Gupta.

New Update (14/04/2018)

Status of cases of PRPA

  1. Second spell IDA pension case on final hearing listed on 04-05-2018.
  2. DP case in High Court listed on 11-09-2018.
  3. GPF case listed on 02-07-2018.
  4. Minimum pension 3665 since 1-1-2006 case listed on 24-4-2018.

Status of cases of Individual Group

  1. Full Parity case listed on 20-7-2018.
  2. DA on Pro-rata since absorption case listed on 12-7-2018.
  3. CGHS on last pay drawn case listed on 14-5-2018.

Other Information

  1. By the order of office of ED-Delhi, Mr. Mukul Kamble GM-North transferred to GM-BBO in MTNL-Delhi.
  2. EPFO:- the CBT meeting held on 13-4-2018 as per information, the members considered that there will be no discrimination of EPS-95 pension as per 11(3) on actual basic+ida on the the basis of exempted or non-exempted organization.The supreme court order will be implemented on all
  3. Mr. G.D.Gupta working in west area of MTNL-Delhi is working hard to file the case in Hon. High Court Delhi to implement the supreme court order of pension on actual basic+ida on the Pro-rata pensioners of MTNL.   
  4. The gratuity case of absorbed DOT employee who opted for pro-rata pension for past service to be calculated at par with other absorbee who opted for combined pension, the case is under consideration. The legal opinion is seeking from the counsels and also requested to pro-rata pensioners in Delhi and Mumbai if they have any relevant document or information for claiming gratuity at par with other absorbee may be conveyed to GS-PRPA at

New Update (29/3/2018)

  1. The case of second spell IDA pension is listed on dated 4-5-2018 and could not be heard while on hearing at first.
  2. The case of GPF listed on dated 3-4-2018.
  3. On dated 28-3-2018, JCM of MTNL is conducted and agreed to revise the notional fixation formulae from 68.8 to 73.8 w.e.f. 1-1-2007 and cash paid since 1-1-2018. The majority union Kamgar Sangh and Majdoor Sangh represented the staff side.